Industrial Lighting

Efficient & Sustainable Industrial Lighting Solutions
Our trained Industrial Electrical Service Specialists can show you how your lighting can provide high-performance and superior quality while saving energy and distributing the light evenly and efficiently.  Efficient lighting design is about eliminating waste by by improving the fit between the light provided by the building and the light needed by the employees or occupants.


Each lighting application is unique in demands for products that provide immediate solutions and future sustainability…

Retrofit dated, existing fixtures with new efficient lighting fixtures.  Whether you are interested in trimming your lighting and cooling bills, making the warehouse a little brighter our Industrial Electrical Service Specialists can help.
Need to increase light levels to improve the working environment?  Before you consider adding more of the same type of fixtures you already have, be sure to contact us for recommendations.  Every industry has a recommended foot candle level for workers to be able to adequately complete their tasks.  We use before and after foot candle meter readings to make sure your light levels are where you need them to be for ideal safety, performance and energy efficiency.
Lighting Controls. Automate lighting processes with a full range of energy management lighting control relay panels, occupancy sensors, and day-lighting controls for commercial, industrial, and institutional projects.

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