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Adding Value Through Service Since 1954

200+ Years of Combined Staff Experience. 69+ Years of Company Service.

Our Mission

Exceptional Electrical Service

We strive to provide exceptional electrical service that adds value, using over 69+ years of experience, innovation, and integrity.

Core Values:
• Integrity • Quality • Respect

Values are important to us, and to you.  When it comes to serving our community, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  Integrity, quality, and respect are the values we expect from our employees, our potential hires, and the basis for the way we expect to conduct business.

Full Service Electrical Contracting Company

From Large Scale Project Development and Installation to Residential Repairs and Upgrades

Our Services

We provide comprehensive electrical expertise including:
Commercial, Industrial, and Residential applications.  


We keep your business up to date with the latest advances in construction, lighting, efficiency, safety and modern conveniences.


We keep facilities informed of electrical options, offering comprehensive solutions for industrial electrical needs.


We provide existing wiring repair, service upgrades, detached building wiring, and generator services for residential needs.

Generators for every application

We can help take the worry out of power outages.  Contact us to learn more about how our generators can keep you ready, and ensure you stay up during down times by providing back up power for critical areas of concern in every application:


EV Charging Solutions

Whether your application is for personal – residential, commercial, or for a fleet of electrical vehicles, Wayne Electric Company can help with selection and installation for your project.  

Click below to learn more about how we can assist with your EV charging needs…



Fast - Reliable Services

We are available to you when you need us, regardless of when that may be.


Bilingual Personnel

We offer bilingual services to ensure correct project communication.

Bucket Trucks

We have the equipment for those hard to reach places.


We have the tools to locate electrical faults quickly and effectively.

Parking Lot Lighting

We help you achieve energy efficiency, improve visibility and safety.

Lighting Audits

We specialize in lighting audits and retrofit lighting fixture applications.

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